Daily Devotions

A wind from elsewhere

November 30, 2013

Now when the Day of Pentecost had fully come … suddenly there came a sound from heaven, as a rushing mighty wind.
-Acts 2:1-2

I read an article once about how Los Angeles commissioned an environmental expert to do an extensive study on the pollution problem. The expert concluded that there really was no man-made solution. “What you really need is a wind from elsewhere to come and sweep through the city and blow all of this pollution out to sea,” he commented.

The scripture parallel grabbed my attention … we need a wind from elsewhere — the Holy Spirit — to clean up our own lives!

In Acts 2:1-2, there came a “rushing mighty wind” straight from heaven. When God breathed that wind from elsewhere, it began to sweep out all of the pollution, corruption, and iniquity. The wind from elsewhere gave life and hope.

What we need in our nation, in our churches, and in our lives is to breathe in that wind from elsewhere.

Do you have a hidden sin that is polluting your life?

Heavenly Father,
I pray that the power of the Holy Spirit will sweep me clean of sin and change my nature. I’m ready to breathe in that cleansing, healing, life-giving wind from elsewhere. Amen.


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