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Christ is Risen

Easter is about life. This message, Christ is Risen, takes a look at just how precious that life is. For a moment, death was powerful and the grave was a hopeless pit. But then came the dawning of the third day!


A Lily Among Thorns

Jesus looked at a world without hope, without salvation and offered Himself as redemption. He was the lily of the valleys … but He became a lily among thorns. He could have been crowned king but instead, was crowned with our iniquities. Because He lives today, we too can rise tall above the thorns of this life and be transformed into something beautiful. Hear how in this week’s message from Pastor Franklin, "A Lily Among Thorns."


None of These Things Move Me

Most failure comes, not from a lack of talent or opportunity, but from a lack of determination. Babe Ruth said, “It's hard to beat a person who never gives up.” And just like Rizpah proved in 2 Samuel 2 when she refused to quit, your determination will get the attention of the king.

You may be fighting to save a dream, fighting to defeat sickness or fighting to protect your family like Rizpah. What you have to get hold of is determination that says, “None of these things move me.” Even when there’s no fight left in me, I won’t let go!


Grace, Grace

Paul took his thorn in the flesh to the throne of grace and God did not remove the issue. God gave him grace to overcome and defeat the issue. You are facing real problems and real challenges, but there is something that can empower you to overcome. It empowers you to defeat mountains, defeat adversity and defeat the giants in your life. It’s the enabling grace of God. Learn more in Pastor Franklin’s message, “Grace, Grace.”


Three Goats

Are you carrying goats on your back? Just like the unmistakable aroma of goats, the guilt of sin can linger long after the deed is done. Don’t let your mistakes keep you from experiencing God’s grace—your enemy wants nothing more. Satan brings condemnation but the Holy Spirit brings conviction. In Three Goats, you’ll learn how to leave those goats at Calvary and embrace the true freedom of Christ.