Lives Changed in Haiti – Meet Tisone!

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Tisone lived in a mud hut in old Le Tant near the lake. He had a son named Ti Quin who had grown up with a painful, crippling disease. The disease was so difficult that Ti Quin often screamed throughout the night from the terrible pain. Ti Quin’s arms and legs were twisted from the disease.   Tisone tried to … Read More

A Changed Family – Meet Madame Gustav

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Madame Gustav and her husband have four children, three boys and one girl. For many years, they lived in extremely difficult conditions in Haiti. Their home was a mud hut with a leaky straw roof. Her children didn’t have beds and slept on a dirt floor. Clean water was difficult to obtain. The family constantly battled hunger and sickness.   … Read More

Update on Baby Elijah

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Many of you will remember baby Elijah. For those of you who haven’t heard about him, he has quite a story.   In the early morning of June 1, 2014, a worker heard what he thought was the weak cry of a baby goat outside the Love A Child Orphanage in Haiti. When the worker investigated, he found an abandoned … Read More

Christmas in the Village of Le Tant

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There is a Haitian Creole Proverb, Se ditou-k p bon. It means, Not giving at all is not good. Christmas this year in the old village of Le Tant was a great time of giving. We recently received this report from missionaries Bobby and Sherry Burnett:   Life in Le Tant is a struggle. Poverty is everywhere and families struggle … Read More

The Miracle Market Opening Date Set

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We have such exciting news: The Miracle Market will open on November 18, 2014! The finishing touches are being completed now. The buildings are being finished with vendor booths, toilets, electricity, housing for generators and much more. Soon hundreds of Haitians will open their own new businesses, giving them a way to provide for their families, perhaps for the first … Read More

Medical Care Provided in Remote Areas of Haiti

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For several years, we have partnered with missionaries Bobby and Sherry Burnette as they do the Lord’s work in Haiti. We recently received this report from them:   A wonderful group of volunteers from America came to Haiti to staff a Mobile Medical Clinic that spent two days in the village of Z’Abriko and two days in the village of … Read More

Remote Village Food Outreach

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Our missionary partners, Bobby and Sherry Burnette, continue to reach out to remote villages in Haiti to provide food and show love to families in those villages. Here’s an update from Bobby:   “One of our tasks in Haiti is getting food to poor children and families in hard to reach areas. Sometimes it takes more than a day just … Read More

Meet Madame Ivan Jean Claude Baptiste!

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Madame Baptiste has seven children. For years, she and her family lived in a mud hut along Lake Le Tant. The lake was prone to flooding and, when the water would rise, it headed toward her hut. She lived in fear every day that one of her children would drown.   For a time, her husband had a small fishing … Read More

The Miracle Behind the Miracle Market

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In January, 2010, a massive 7.0 magnitude earthquake rocked Haiti. More than 200,000 people died. Over one million people were left homeless and thousands of schools and hospitals were destroyed.   In the months following the earthquake, our missionary partner Bobby Burnette began to feel the Lord dealing with him about building a marketplace that would provide jobs for Haitians. … Read More

Summary of the Work in Haiti

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Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world. Haiti has the third highest rate of hunger in the world. It has less clean water than Ethiopia. It’s malnutrition rate is higher than Angola’s and life expectancy in Haiti is lower than in the Sudan. The devastating earthquake of 2010 brought increased poverty, homelessness, death and disease to an … Read More

Miracle Market Underway in Haiti

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Haiti’s Miracle Market is no longer a dream. It’s becoming reality! We were so honored to have missionaries, Bobby and Sherry Burnette with us at Free Chapel to share an update. Unlike anything else in Haiti, this clean, modern facility will consist of twelve, pavilion-style buildings inside a secured, fenced area. It will house more than 600 new businesses operated ... Read More

Food For Life – Progress Being Made

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We heard from our missionaries, Bobby & Sherry, in Haiti today! They have two trucks arriving each day right now with building materials. And they continue to poor concrete foundations for the buildings in Mache Mirak – that’s the brand new, Christian Marketplace you are helping them build with your donations to our Food for Life project! Even with the … Read More

Food For Life – Haiti Update

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We’ve just sent another $190,000 to help build Mache Mirak, the Miracle Market, in Haiti! Thank you for believing in the vision of what this project will accomplish. Haitian men and women will have jobs, be trained in new skills, begin to farm and raise their own food, and ultimately give their children life! Missionaries Bobby & Sherry Burnette recently … Read More

Announcing Food for Life Haiti Initiative

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Food For Life Haiti

Cast your nets with me. Invest in the future of Haiti. We’ve been working with our missionaries in Haiti, Bobby & Sherry, for years. You know about the amazing things we’ve seen accomplished with your help and support. In just a couple of weeks, we will be dedicating the 30,000 square feet Kingdom Connection Food Distribution Center they were able … Read More

Kingdom Connection Haiti Outreach Update

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The work accomplished in Haiti over the last 4 years is truly a miracle. The generosity of your gifts has allowed food distribution to double to 540,000 meals per month; built Kingdom Connection Village, which transformed a flooded community with a handful of dilapidated mud huts into a neighborhood of 100 homes; built the Kingdom Connection Distribution Center, a 30,000 … Read More

Kingdom Connection Distribution Center Haiti is Complete!

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The new 30,000 square foot Kingdom Connection Distribution Center Haiti is finished. All of the funds were raised, materials shipped and building complete. This was a huge undertaking and a project that could not have been done without the financial gifts of our partners like you. Here’s what our missionaries in Haiti have to say: We have been open for … Read More

Go the Extra Mile

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Help us fill the 30,000 square foot Kingdom Connection Food Distribution Center. Your gift is urgently needed and will save the life of a starving child.

The foundation is complete

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An update from Haiti missionaries, Bobby and Sherry Burnette: Hi everyone! The Kingdom Connection Food Distribution Center is going up! The foundation is complete, and it is about the size of a football field. Professional erectors have flown in. The large metal building is now being erected Haiti. This will hold a lot of food. Lives will be saved! We … Read More

100 Homes for Haiti

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Kingdom Connection Village goes up in Haiti! You won’t believe the difference your prayers and support are making for the people of Haiti who were devastated by the tragic earthquake and it’s after effects. This is what Le Tant was like a year ago: God has used you to feed the hungry, treat the injured and build homes for the … Read More

The concrete being poured

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An update from Haiti missionaries, Bobby and Sherry Burnette: Hi, everyone! Here are some pictures of the concrete being poured for the large pillars in the foundation of the Kingdom Connection Food Distribution Center. Praise the Lord!

Kingdom Connection Food Distribution Center is under construction

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An update from Haiti missionaries, Bobby and Sherry Burnette: The Kingdom Connection Food Distribution Center is under construction right now in Eufuala, Ala. This 30,000-square-foot building will be loaded into containers the last week of May and shipped to Haiti. The head engineer will visit soon to check the site and provide plans for installing massive pillars the structure will … Read More

Bobby and Sherry Burnette are able to begin construction

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Because of your generosity, missionaries Bobby and Sherry Burnette are able to begin construction of the new thirty-thousand square foot Kingdom Connection Food Distribution Center. This facility will store much more than the current building and allow the Burnnette’s to feed more hungry families and reach them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Your support is saving hungry children, impacting … Read More

Feeding the Hungry – Soul, Mind, Body

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On my first visit to Haiti just after the terrible earthquake, I saw devastation everywhere. Many injured were in the field hospital and other were living in make shift homes and tent villages “We can’t do everything, but we can do something!” Valdine lost her leg as a result of her injuries during the earthquake. She is now a happy … Read More

New Distribution Center

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For two years now we have partnered with missionaries Bobby and Sherry Burnette who are based in Haiti. Through the support of friends like you, we have continued to provide 540,000 meals each month to help sustain starving men, women and children. We have also purchased two much-needed trucks to haul supplies and feed even more people in isolated regions. … Read More

Exciting News from Haiti

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Free of Fear Leline lived with her husband and six children in a mud hut in Le Tant Village where the nearby lake flooded when earthquakes opened underground springs. The waters became contaminated with garbage and sewage and overtook the area. One child in the village drowned and Leline and her husband lived in fear that the black waters would … Read More