Food For Life – Haiti Update

We’ve just sent another $190,000 to help build Mache Mirak, the Miracle Market, in Haiti! Thank you for believing in the vision of what this project will accomplish. Haitian men and women will have jobs, be trained in new skills, begin to farm and raise their own food, and ultimately give their children life!

Food for Life - Haiti Update

Missionaries Bobby & Sherry Burnette recently wrote:

Ten buildings are being loaded on containers and on their way to Haiti for the Miracle Marketplace!

Holes are being dug, concrete being poured and steel being laid for the 130 pilings needed for these 10 buildings. We’re working to have all the concrete slab foundations ready by the time the buildings arrive. Pastor Jentezen, your money this month is so important to help us accomplish this!

Your heart is so big and your compassion for the poor has touched our hearts more than you will ever know. How can Sherry and I, on behalf of the Haitian people, say thank you enough? You and your partners have changed lives in Haiti forever!


Bobby & Sherry Burnette

We’re halfway to our goal of $1,000,000 to fund this extraordinary project. It will be the first Christian marketplace in Haiti and the first sustainability project Jentezen Franklin Media Ministries has been a part of! We want to do more than feed them; we want to give them Food For Life! Thank you for your compassionate donations that are making Mache Mirak a reality and putting hope in the hands of Haitians.

Announcing Food for Life Haiti Initiative

Food for Life Haiti - Miracle Market

Food for Life Haiti

Cast your nets with me. Invest in the future of Haiti.

We’ve been working with our missionaries in Haiti, Bobby & Sherry, for years. You know about the amazing things we’ve seen accomplished with your help and support. In just a couple of weeks, we will be dedicating the 30,000 square feet Kingdom Connection Food Distribution Center they were able to complete thanks to our partners like you.

But we want to do more than feed them. We want to give them a chance to feed themselves. We want to do more than fill their hunger. We want to fill their future. We want to give them Food For Life.

We’re going to help build a 20-acre marketplace called Mache Mirak, which means “Miracle Market”. This marketplace will cost more than $1,000,000 and is truly a miracle, as it will provide an estimated 2,400 jobs in a country that has 85% unemployment. More than 600 Haitian owned and operated businesses will be able to flourish in this safe, clean environment. Their future, the future of their children, of their country, depends on their ability to build a sustainable economy. And, with God’s grace, we’re going to help them establish that.

The day we met with Bobby and Sherry to view the blueprints for this project, a man I had just met days before walked in with a check for $100,000. He said, “Now you only need $900,000”. I believe God wants to rain fish in Haiti. He wants to show up where they least expect it with a harvest. That’s why we’re casting our nets. I know this commitment may sound crazy to some people but when God speaks and says, “launch out into the deep and cast your nets”; they’re not going to come up empty.

Invest in the future of Haiti. Let’s not just give them fish, let’s teach them to fish and help them build a sustainable economy. It would only take 1000 people to give $1000 to fully fund this project. Maybe you’re one of those. Or maybe your not, but you want to do what you can to see the landscape of a nation changed. Invest in something bigger than you can do on your own. Cast your nets with me. Invest in the future of Haiti.

Kingdom Connection Haiti Outreach Update

The work accomplished in Haiti over the last 4 years is truly a miracle. The generosity of your gifts has allowed food distribution to double to 540,000 meals per month; built Kingdom Connection Village, which transformed a flooded community with a handful of dilapidated mud huts into a neighborhood of 100 homes; built the Kingdom Connection Distribution Center, a 30,000 square foot building and so much more!

Kingdom Connection Haiti Outreach Update

While these physical structures are meeting the very tangible needs of the Haitians, there is a spiritual growth erupting within the community. Daily, they experience the love and mercy of Christ as we partner together to bring a safe, sustainable future to this once hopeless and impoverished area. As they learn to grow their own gardens and plant seeds in the ground—we’re planting seeds in their hearts.

Kingdom Connection Haiti Outreach Update
Kingdom Connection Haiti Outreach Update
Kingdom Connection Haiti Outreach Update
Kingdom Connection Haiti Outreach Update
Kingdom Connection Haiti Outreach Update
Kingdom Connection Haiti Outreach Update

But, of course, we are not finished …