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Fasting 2015

“Fasting 2.0: Next Level Fasting” is packed with resources for those who have already begun a lifestyle of fasting and prayer. Included are advanced principles gleaned from 20 years of Jentezen Franklin leading successful fasts worldwide. This resource will reveal new revelations about the power of fasting through books, a 21-day guide, audio book and several teaching series, along with a bracelet to help remind you to focus God and a water bottle to help you stay hydrated. This investment in your fast is a must if you want to reach the next level of fasting!

“Fasting 101: Fasting Basics” is a self-study of the biblical principles of fasting. If you’re just beginning your fasting experience, this is a great way to get immersed in the essentials that will transform everything you do from here on out.
It includes books, devotionals, and teachings on CD and DVD that will reveal the elements of fasting and to help you get the most out of your fasting experience.


Day by Day, 2-CD series is specifically designed to offer you inspiration and insights on a daily basis, whether you are fasting, in a season of trials, or just want to grow closer to God through Scripture and prayer. This series includes: 21 inspirational insights from Jentezen Franklin, along with a CD for a special time of prayer to release the blessings and promises available to God’s people.


From the beginning, fasting has been a vital part of God’s plan to connect each person to His power and blessings. How can you incorporate fasting into your life to experience a deeper, more powerful relationship with God?

In this 21-day devotional, Jentezen Franklin will take you on a journey through the Holy Land, tracing the footsteps of Jesus. You will see how fasting and prayer fits into God’s timeless, eternal plan.


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9 months ago

I have fasted with this ministry for quite a few years now and have experienced God's presence as I have done so. HE has always shown up at times within and during my fast. This year however, HE showed up on the 3rd day of the fast. One of the blessings that I asked to receive this year was financial... read more

Are you looking for increase in 2015? It starts in your mind.

10 months ago

Did you ever hold on to old clothes even though they didn’t fit or were out of style? Just like we do with old clothes, we tend to hold on to old ways of thinking and old patterns of behavior. Sometimes the thing that prevents God from bringing increase to our life is what’s locked between our own ears! We... read more

Nancy / Georgia

10 months ago

My Nephew and his wife attend Free Chapel with us. She gave birth to their second son on Monday 4 1/2 weeks early. He was taken to the NIC unit at Northside Hospital and we were all very upset and worried. The Nurse that came in to explain everything that was happening to us had attended Free Chapel and started... read more