Peru Updates in Pictures

We found the people on the Maniti, Napo and Amazon Rivers still flooded and still out in their canoes searching for food. The water was higher than it was on our last trip. Some could only float their canoes inside their houses and throw a small pad down in the canoe for sleeping at night.

We had one lady with severe pneumonia, who was in a lot of pain, and we gave her an IV and IV meds. Her husband was taking her to Iquitos for further, more long-term care.

There were many salvations right there in the speedboat, where we gathered the people and the service was held. Six dramatic healings were reported when pain left with the laying on of hands and prayer, and one man, deaf in both ears, had his hearing restored!

Freedom House | Creating a Hiding Place

“Freedom House” Part 1

“Freedom House” Part 2

I spoke with my good friend Pastor Matthew Barnett, founder of The Dream Center in Los Angeles, about what “Kingdom Connection” can do to help. In the stories, meet three future residents of Freedom House and one very special foster mom, who’ll play a pivotal role in making sure this transitional home changes lives for eternity.

Courage (3)

“There is a greater power with us than with him.” 2Ch 32:7 NIV

David was bringing food to his brothers at the battlefront when he saw Goliath. He wasn’t thinking of becoming a hero, he just seized an opportunity other soldiers only dream about. Opportunities will catch you by surprise, and if you’re not alert and ready, you’ll miss them. What others discovered in David that day—had been there all along! If you’re a leader, you already possess the talent necessary to lead. But courage is what will establish you as a leader before others. The people we revere most, demonstrate courage —courage on the battlefield and in the boardroom, courage to defend the defenseless, or simply to attempt what nobody else thought possible. You say, “But I don’t have the money.” Don’t worry, capital follows courage. What always precedes how. Don’t be intimidated by the numbers. God is not moved by spreadsheets and market conditions, He’s moved by faith. Don’t let how intimidate you. It’s because how is so challenging that it provides you with great opportunity. If the pathway to success were well lit it would already be crowded. If how wasn’t a problem, someone else would already have figured it out. All progress begins with one question: “What needs to be done?” And somebody needs to be asking that question—why not you? The future belongs to those who have the courage to ask that question and the faith to hang on until they discover the answer. When the obstacles look too big and opposition seems too strong, stand on this Scripture: “Do not be afraid or discouraged…for there is a greater power with us than with him.”