Kingdom Connection is partnering with the Friends of Zion to turn an historic building, formerly in disrepair, into secure, comfortable, and beautiful apartment homes for Holocaust survivors in Israel who are unable to afford safe housing for themselves. 

Over 50,000 Holocaust survivors are living in poverty and are in desperate need of help. Thanks to your support, these new homes are moving closer to being ready for those who badly need them.


Here’s the latest report from the construction site:

  • Strengthening of the exterior walls is almost finished.
  • Work on the interior is being performed now.
  • Electrical and plumbing work is sixty percent completed.
  • New windows have been installed.
  • Preparations are being made to replace the roof.
  • The basement floor has been excavated, cleared of accumulated debris, and reinforced.
  • A meeting with an acoustic consultant has been scheduled.

It’s heartbreaking to think of Holocaust survivors living out the rest of their days without a safe place to call home. But together we are helping to provide them a brighter future. Through your generosity, we are changing the lives of impoverished Holocaust survivors and showing them God’s love in action.


As you give to others, God will give back to you. Thank you for making a difference. God bless you.