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If you could help a veteran who is facing challenges such as: homelessness, addictions, or poverty, wouldn’t you want to do it? Your donation today will help bring transformation and restoration to the lives of veterans who so desperately need your help. It will assist in providing the resources needed to enable these warriors to put their lives back together again in an environment filled with God’s love and compassion.

With your gift of $100.00 or more, you will receive:
•    Jentezen Franklin’s new book, Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt, in which he shows us how to move past bitterness, pain, and heartache to love others as God loves us. This powerful book answers questions such as, “Can I really trust again?” and “How can I forgive?” It is truly a must-read that will greatly impact your life and your relationships. 
•    A commemorative Veteran’s Hope paperweight, a reminder of the hope and healing that your generosity is providing to the veterans who served our country.

Thank you for sowing into this ministry. Know that you are making a difference in many lives through your support.