Acres of Diamonds

December 08, 2018

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Sometimes we fail to see the treasure in our own lives. Our eyes become blind to how blessed we actually are. When that happens, discontent replaces gratitude. We may find ourselves thinking that what we need to make us happy is “out there” somewhere when we actually are surrounded by God’s priceless blessings—our very own “acres of diamonds.”


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account_circle Angenette Pinkney

One day i was at work and my legs were killing me. It was lunch time and i decided to go to Wendy's and have lunch. Upon pulling up to the restaurant there was a yellow bus at the entrance of the restaurant. The door of the bus open and children were getting off the bus. They all could walk but they had braces on there arms and legs. I sat there and cried. I had lunch went back to work and took another pain pill. The rest of the day was good.That was an acres of diamonds for me.

account_circle Ronal Salas

good message