The new 30,000 square foot Kingdom Connection Distribution Center Haiti is finished. All of the funds were raised, materials shipped and building complete. This was a huge undertaking and a project that could not have been done without the financial gifts of our partners like you. Here’s what our missionaries in Haiti have to say:

We have been open for two months now distributing meals to the hungry. WOW, what a masterpiece for the Lord! Right now we have enough racks for 60, forty-foot containers of food and will soon have enough for 100!

On behalf of the poor, how or what can we ever say to thank you Pastor Jentezen and your Kingdom Connection partners? Thank You.

Bobby & Sherry Burnette

The Kingdom Connection Distribution Center Haiti

The distribution center reaches beyond Kingdom Connection Village to families in places like the old La Tant, La Roch, Bethel, Cotin, many other villages and remote parts of Haiti. Missionaries and organizations come here to fill their trucks and travel back to the villages they serve across Haiti. Families travel up and down mountains to reach deliveries that can’t reach them. Deliveries offer more than a single meal, each family gets as much as 216 meals to take with them for the weeks to come. Can you imagine what 216 meals to feed your family would cost? We easily spend $120 at the grocery store; that amount can buy 3,240 meals to feed men, women, children and orphans in Haiti.

Kingdom Connection Distribution Center Haiti

Kingdom Connection Distribution Center Haiti

Kingdom Connection Distribution Center Haiti

Your generosity is changing a country. It’s giving a future to children who may not have one otherwise.

But we’re not finished …