Last year as we entered the 21-day fast, my wife Daisy and I were unemployed, without a house, had lost one vehicle in a car accident and the other was repossessed. We were living in a cold, unfinished basement sleeping on a mattress with our first baby on the way. Over the previous year and a half, we had lost everything.

In addition to our situation, Daisy was dealing with fear and anxiety about her pregnancy:

“I was actually really scared when we first found out we were expecting.
From my mother’s side of the family every female (my mom, grandmother, aunts, cousins,) had previous miscarriages.

I honestly didn’t want to get excited or tell anyone that we were expecting until we were well into the pregnancy, just in case. I didn’t want to buy baby clothes or baby items because of the daunting, “What if I lose the baby like everyone has?” One day I came across a pacifier clip on Instagram and fell in love with it! I really wanted to buy it for the baby, but was still stuck in that deep internal turmoil.

Finally, after going back and forth if I should buy it or not, I felt the Lord press into my heart to get the pacifier clip as a prophetic statement that the generational chain would be broken, and I would deliver a healthy baby. Very doubtful & full of worry, I told Luis what I was going to do, & proceeded to follow God’s instructions.

Sure enough, 9 months later I delivered a healthy baby girl! I had the easiest pregnancy with no complications or sickness, and a very fast, easy delivery! As insignificant a pacifier clip may be to other people, to us it was a reminder of a promise He had given us.”

The Delgado's Fasting Testimony

Before the end of January, Daisy started a new job at Free Chapel. One of the first things she did when she sat down at her new desk was write down on a sticky note, “The LORD shall increase you more and more, you AND your children” (Psalm 115:15). She placed it on her computer monitor to remember the pacifier clip every time she had moments of doubt.

When we entered the fast, we held onto faith that it would be the year of increase for us. We fully believed that God would provide everything that we needed.

All throughout the year we held onto to God’s Word, and to this day, have not forgotten about the answers to prayer that came through our fasting. Not only did we receive more in personal possessions, more importantly, our relationships with God, our child and with ourselves are healthier and stronger because we started the year the right way.

Today, I am honored to lead as the Spanish Community Pastor at Free Chapel. We have been able to pay off all of our debt and celebrate what God did for our family!