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Fear Fighters


Will you live in FEAR? Or will you live in FAITH? Welcome to this online course that accompanies the book Fear Fighters by bestselling author Jentezen Franklin. This stream will guide you through a very personalized process designed to help you draw near to God and overcome your fears by learning to identify and defeat the very thing keeping you from living the victorious life God has designed for you.


This study will touch on family life and finances as well as the fear of failure, people, and eternity. Begin your journey today to a life of peace, confidence, and success.


Each lesson contains:

  • Assigned readings from the book Fear Fighters
  • Daily Bible readings
  • Videos to enhance your learning
  • Questions to encourage spiritual growth
  • Interaction with your course instructor


You will not be them same after completing this stream. We’ll be praying for you each step of the way. Get started with lesson one today!

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Living Without Fear

Let Your Faith Fight For You

Fight the Good Fight of Faith

The Top Priority of Satan’s Attacks in the 21st Century is the Family

Recession, foreclosure, unemployment, bankruptcy, inflation, fraud, corruption and economic downturns are all fear-laced words.

The fear of failure is so paralyzing that it keeps many people from even reaching for their dreams—they simply cannot face the risk of trying and failing.

Relationships have been thwarted because of a fear of people.

Death stalks us all and can be a formidable foe. The good news is that heaven is real.

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