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The Value of a Dream

When you dream, you become more like God than ever before. The nature of God that can look at nothing and see something is awakened in you. When God gives you a dream, critics and skeptics can’t stop it. Even if for a season you lose heart, the...

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  • Connection Questions

Power of a Dream – Spartanburg

You can’t give up on your dreams because of someone else’s opinion. You can’t stop working for the harvest God has promised you because other people have doubt and unbelief. You can’t throw in the towel because the enemy throws in a few obstacl...

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  • Teaching


We are deep believers in the doctrine of laying on hands and praying for one another. Twice a year we gather as a church and lay hands on our entire congregation. Even our children! It is a precedent set by God Himself throughout scripture, and...

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