Walking on Water (3)

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“God is…a very present help in trouble.”                                 Ps 46:1 NKJV

Let’s observe two final things: (1) Between the dread and the devastation, look for the Deliverer. Picture a boat lashed by huge waves, and frightened disciples who thought they were going under. They forgot the promise: “God is…a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear” (vv.1-2 NKJV). They didn’t look for Jesus to rescue them. Yet as the night advanced and things looked hopeless, He “went to them, walking on the sea” (Mt 14:25 NKJV). Did they rejoice? No, their fear intensified and they said, “It’s a ghost!” (v.26 NKJV). Look out! Your fear can distort your perceptions and make you see the answer as just another problem. Often what appears a threat is actually a blessing about to manifest itself. For example, you lose your job and God opens up a better one, but your fear and inadequacy make you avoid the interview. Look to Jesus in your time of fear; when He takes away the lesser it’s always to give you the greater. (2) God’s best always requires facing what you fear. Jesus called Peter to come to Him. Deciding it was safer in the storm with Jesus than in the boat without Him, Peter walked toward Him. But there’s always a moment after you step out in faith when you hear, “What if I’m not up to this?” Peter heard it, and the waves began to engulf him. Panicked, he called and Jesus immediately rescued him. Peter wasn’t drowning; he was learning and growing! When you walk by faith, even your failures will lead to success. So step out with Jesus; He won’t let you drown.

3 Comments on “Walking on Water (3)”

  1. Demetri

    This is so good!- this is what I was battling spiritually. Among other things. I was being distracted and unfocused on who God was and His word and more focused on the enemy. When the truth is that the enemy is bound and underneath my feet I didn’t understand why God wasn’t ” rescuing me” when I “felt” like maybe Gods’ Word wasn’t working for me and I felt afraid. This story about Peter walking in water was an perfect example about what I as going through. When Peter took his eyes off Christ
    (which was what God revealed that the enemy was trying to do) like Peter he started to drown and looked to Jesus to save him and Jesus did save him. The Lord is always faithful and His Word works always. It is not void, God Word doesn’t lie, his word is life. I am growing in the Lord and realizing that His word works, it works, it works, it works. Praise you Jesus!

  2. Super

    Praise God is all I. Can say and thank you Pastor Franklin for your devotions. I’m from South Africa in a little place called Pietermaritzburg. Thank and the Lord Richly Bless You.

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