Recently, Free Chapel staff member Robin Willis, and her husband Gene, visited missionaries Mike and Susie Dempsey in Peru. Robin writes:

“It was a great 2 ½ weeks here in Peru! God is working through Amazon Medical Missions to reach and bless people along the river. We were assisting Mike and Susie with flood relief. Based on the conditions and the possibility that the water will not recede enough to build a church this month, Mike has suggested that our May trip be focused on medical needs and evangelism with food distribution.”

Below is a trip report from the Dempsey’s who are currently providing flood relief on the Chosen Vessels I and II thanks to support from Kingdom Connection partners.

April 8-15, 2012

We left our port in Nina Rumi on March 30 with two friends from Free Chapel, Gene and Robin Willis, who had come to assist with this team. With our crew, medical staff and guests, we had 31 people aboard to do the work.

Our goal was to help as many people as we could whose homes and pueblos were under water. The weather was cool and rainy, but the spirits of those aboard the Chosen Vessel II were anything but dampened … Spirits were high and we knew we were on a prophetic mission. We were expecting miracles and signs and wonders and many mighty acts of God, and we were not to be disappointed!

Trip Summation

  • Miles navigated: 648
  • Pueblos that received a visitation from the Lord: 19 in six days
  • Attentions medical and dental: 2,919
  • Families served: 523

Hundreds of Bibles were given, one to each family except for the six communities we had visited recently and had given Bibles out.

Each pueblo received the good news of Jesus Christ and usually a short sermon. Many were healed from fevers, hernias, swollen painful hands, a painful leg that a woman couldn’t move and several other ailments.

Seven tons of supplies were given: beans, rice, oatmeal, farina, sardines, salt, matches and blankets.

Again, thank you until He gives you His thanks personally, face to face! We covet your prayers for safety and for the Lord to provide us with volunteer workers down here to help with this much food!

Read more about the work of Mike and Susie Dempsey at their website:

We found the people on the Maniti, Napo and Amazon Rivers still flooded and still out in their canoes searching for food. The water was higher than it was on our last trip. Some could only float their canoes inside their houses and throw a small pad down in the canoe for sleeping at night.

We had one lady with severe pneumonia, who was in a lot of pain, and we gave her an IV and IV meds. Her husband was taking her to Iquitos for further, more long-term care.

There were many salvations right there in the speedboat, where we gathered the people and the service was held. Six dramatic healings were reported when pain left with the laying on of hands and prayer, and one man, deaf in both ears, had his hearing restored!

Together, we can give hope to the people of Peru.

In Peru there are thousands of villages along the Amazon River and it’s tributaries with people suffering from sickness and disease and no transportation to a hospital or clinic, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY . . . THEY HAVE NOT HEARD ABOUT JESUS!

Our dream . . . our vision is to reach souls. That dream has led us around the world bringing hope through the Kingdom Connection Broadcast, feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless and helping to set free those who are bound. Along the way, God connected us with Mike and Susie Dempsey, a couple who share a dream to look beyond themselves and help those who are hurting and lost.

The Dempseys gave up career goals, high-paying jobs and all the comforts of home to pursue their God-given vision to make an eternal impact on the impoverished people of Peru living in the jungles and villages along the Amazon River.

The Dempseys told me about an amazing encounter on one of their recent trips… 

We arrived by boat at one village along the Amazon. We were the very first missionaries to ever visit. Surprisingly, the people welcomed us into their village, not knowing who we were or why we were there. These people were so isolated that they had never even heard of Jesus!

Our team shared medicine, food and other life-saving resources. Then we held a church service. The Spirit of God was touching lives. A simple salvation invitation was given and hands began going up. All of the villagers—men, women and children—raised their hands to be saved! The entire village of 120 people accepted Jesus. It was a miracle! 

The river that gives life also takes it.

The river that gives life also takes it.
The water of the Amazon River is contaminated with sewage which spreads parasites and diseases that are fatal if untreated. Together we can break the cycle of sickness, disease, poverty and hopelessness for the people of Peru living in the jungles and villages along the Amazon.

We all knew that was why God sent us. It wasn’t just to help them with their physical needs, but to help them with their spiritual needs. Now there are 120 people that I know I will see in heaven some day.

If it wasn’t for Kingdom Connection, we would never have been able to go to that village. If it wasn’t for you, those 120 people might not know Jesus today.”

Through the generous giving of friends like you, we help support the Dempsey’s efforts to supply medical aide, food and the Gospel to these isolated tribal people, by means of two riverboats called Chosen Vessel I and Chosen Vessel II.

Chosen Vessel boats are floating vessels of mercy in one of the most poverty-stricken regions of the world. Thousands of families and children—just like Ana—are in dire need of our help. In addition to life-saving medicines that fight malaria and other diseases, your generosity today will help provide much needed food AND the gift of clean water.

Your dream may not be to live and minister on the Amazon River—but together we can make a difference in the earth. 

We have the hope…the vision…the dream to do much more around the world through Kingdom Connection’s broadcast ministry and through our partnership with people like the Dempsey’s. Can we count on your help today?

It takes roughly $1000 a day to keep the Chosen Vessel I and Chosen Vessel II boats reaching out with the love of Jesus Christ to the people of Peru.

Ana's Dream
Ana’s dream is to see her
family survive another day.

Please pray about sponsoring a day of ministry for both Chosen Vessel boats. You might consider funding a day that coincides with a special anniversary, a birthday or a memorial of a loved one. The gift of ministry to the people of the Amazon will help transform a community and possibly the future of a nation.

THANK YOU for joining with us to help meet the desperate need of the Peruvian people along the Amazon, and reach souls around the world through our continuing broadcast efforts. But most of all, thank you for helping us share Jesus Christ with those who have never before experienced His peace and love!