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I have fasted with this ministry for quite a few years now and have experienced God’s presence as I have done so. HE has always shown up at times within … Read More


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January 2014, 21 day Daniel Fast began with a group of 17 followers who united in prayer and fasting. I had a fructose disorder that reduced my diet to basically … Read More


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We had such a hard time getting pregnant we had tried for nearly 8 years. I went on the Daniel Fast with the church and flew down to Gainesville for … Read More


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I love to go to the bookstores and have seen your Fasting Edge book for some time. But fasting is not something I ever thought I would be interested. I … Read More


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I had been praying for many years for my husband to come to Christ. I found The Fasting Edge book and began to follow the principles written on those pages. … Read More


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This past January we went on the 21-day fast with you. We fasted for an overwhelming debt that we were facing.  God is so amazing! He brought in fund we … Read More


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I have a fasting story. About 3 years ago, I began my first fast with your congregation. About a week afterwards, my sister was severely hit by a car while … Read More


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I have been a Born Again, Spirit-filled, tithing Christian since 1979. Through the years I have fasted off and on. In 1996 I got married and my husband (he is … Read More