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I have fasted with this ministry for quite a few years now and have experienced God’s presence as I have done so. HE has always shown up at times within and during my fast. This year however, HE showed up on the 3rd day of the fast. One of the blessings that I asked to receive this year was financial … Read More

Nancy / Georgia

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My Nephew and his wife attend Free Chapel with us. She gave birth to their second son on Monday 4 1/2 weeks early. He was taken to the NIC unit at Northside Hospital and we were all very upset and worried. The Nurse that came in to explain everything that was happening to us had attended Free Chapel and started … Read More

Are you a Christian with a quit option?

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Have you ever felt like giving up and just throwing in the towel? Maybe you have grown tired of the battles and struggles. Life presents plenty of opportunities to quit. But before you quit, you need to understand that the battle is not about what you’re facing. The battle is not with your family or marriage, a financial problem, or … Read More

Are you living inside out?

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Have you ever been in a hurry, thrown your clothes on quickly and not realized until you were at school or work or the grocery store that your shirt was inside out? There’s just something that makes you feel exposed when you wear your clothes inside out. The seams are showing, the place where you tore the shirt and had … Read More

In difficult times, don’t just survive – thrive!

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It’s easy to become discouraged during difficult times. If you look at today’s economic situation, you see many people without jobs, people losing their homes to foreclosure, and a sense of fear and insecurity about the future. But, regardless of the economic circumstances, God has promised provision for people who place their trust in Him. Psalms 92:12-15 (TLB) contains a … Read More

Three choices you make when you choose to fast.

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Fasting and praying is inconvenient and difficult. It takes resolve and determination to choose to turn away from things of the world and embrace God through fasting and prayer. Take a close look at this passage from James: Don’t you know that friendship with the world means enmity against God? Therefore, anyone who chooses to be a friend of the … Read More


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In January 2014 I started the 2014 Fast with Free Chapel. Although we live in Kentucky we were believing that God would hear our prayers in this corporate Fast. To give God all the glory, my dad became very ill in mid-2014 and was put on life support for 21 days, non-responsive for about half that. Years of hard drinking … Read More

What happens when you bring your brokenness to God?

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Do you ever try to accomplish God’s plans through your own strength and ability? Most of us struggle with the idea that it’s our own strength that draws God’s attention, when our strength is actually the very last thing God notices. God responds to brokenness because brokenness makes room for Him to release His strength through our weakness in order … Read More

Three ways to change a “crazy busy” lifestyle.

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Are you living a “crazy busy” lifestyle? Do you constantly run from one activity to another? Do you often eat while checking your email or calendar? Most importantly, are you so busy that you don’t have time to stop and listen to God? Developing an intimate relationship with God requires time. If you have been so busy that you haven’t … Read More

Have you ever wondered why Jesus fasted?

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When Jesus was on earth, He was all God AND all man in one form. That’s why He’s called “Son of Man” and “Son of God” in the Bible. But even though he was God’s son and He and the Father were one, Jesus fasted. Why? He knew he would face every difficulty known to mankind and that He needed … Read More

Your situation is impossible? Your dream is impossible? That’s AWESOME!

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Impossible situations and impossible dreams are awesome because they trigger the supernatural, miraculous power of God. If you’re facing something impossible, don’t despair – God specializes in doing the impossible. But the impossible doesn’t just happen. To see the impossible, we need to seek God through fasting. Matthew chapter 17 tells the story of a father who had a demon-possessed … Read More

This Year, Live by the Beatitudes (4)

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“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness.” Mt 5:6 NKJV This beatitude corrects two mistakes we make when it comes to our salvation. The first: that it’s all about believing. The second: that it’s all about behaving. Actually, it’s about both! The new birth brings: (1) A position of righteousness. If you stacked up all your good works … Read More


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In August of 2014 the Lord laid fasting on my heart. So, I fasted all liquids for 6 days, attended church on the Sunday and saw my miracle on Monday. My pregnant daughter was living with a man who ridiculed our faith, and a man who refused to provide for her and their baby. I fasted for our daughter to … Read More


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January 2014, 21 day Daniel Fast began with a group of 17 followers who united in prayer and fasting. I had a fructose disorder that reduced my diet to basically , chicken breast, brown rice, skim milk, raw oatmeal, walnuts, and green beans and peas for the last 25 years. The Lord sustained me all those years. Within 30 days … Read More


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We had such a hard time getting pregnant we had tried for nearly 8 years. I went on the Daniel Fast with the church and flew down to Gainesville for the miracle service on the last day of the fast. Praise be to God we got pregnant that March. My Husband had finally went on it with me the following … Read More


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I love to go to the bookstores and have seen your Fasting Edge book for some time. But fasting is not something I ever thought I would be interested. I finally broke down and got your book. Wow! I went on my first 3-day Daniel fast a couple of weeks ago. It was a little tough because I love food, … Read More


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I had been praying for many years for my husband to come to Christ. I found The Fasting Edge book and began to follow the principles written on those pages. In January of this year my husband gave his life to Jesus and is on fire! He shares the Love of Jesus everywhere he goes. Thank you Jentezen and keep … Read More


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I have never been committed in fasting at all. I am a woman taking care of more than 200 orphans and I know the Lord has blessed me but for the past 17 years I never fasted serious, but I praise God that on the 31st May I bought your BOOK Fasting… and since that I have never looked back….Thank … Read More


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This past January we went on the 21-day fast with you. We fasted for an overwhelming debt that we were facing.  God is so amazing! He brought in fund we needed in quick to settle that obligation. Thank you for being faithful to do what God asks of you. May He bless you always.

Laura – Irmo, SC

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This January I joined the 21 day fast with Pastor Franklin. I was suffering from depression and anxiety. But during the fast, I mainly prayed for my daughter who suffers from different sicknesses including asthma, severe allergies and acid reflux. I praise God that I am healed from depression and my daughter is doing extremely well and best of all, … Read More

Phillip – Tennessee

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Our church participates in the 21 day fast to begin the year as well as several fasts throughout the year. God has richly blessed us for this. Not only have many individual prayers been answered (babies, adoption, financial blessings, etc.), but also our church has grown exponentially since we started. We’ve gone from 70 in attendance to 457 in the … Read More


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I have a fasting story. About 3 years ago, I began my first fast with your congregation. About a week afterwards, my sister was severely hit by a car while going to the store. When, I first saw her in the hospital, I did not recognize her. I thought that I was in the wrong room. Her head was partly … Read More

Irina – Chicago

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A little over a year ago, I was fasting asking the Lord to bless us with more children. My son was 3, and I visited several doctors asking to test me for possible infertility. One day, during this fast, the doctor’s office asked me to stop by their office to retake some blood test. My husband and my son were … Read More

Hazel – Texas

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I want to share with you that my 9 Year old daughter & I have been doing the 21 day fast with you, We’ve had highs & lows but God Came through tonight. He saved my husband tonite!! The day we finished fasting!! I’m so thankful & want to give God all praise & glory. Not only for saving my … Read More

Sonia – Georgia

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My entire family fasted full three weeks this year. We have been trying to get pregnant for 3 years. Half way through the fast, we found out we were 6 weeks pregnant. Thank you for helping us guide us pastor.

Laura – South Carolina

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This January I joined the 21 day fast with Pastor Franklin. I was suffering from depression and anxiety. But during the fast, I mainly prayed for my daughter who suffers from different sickness including asthma, severe allergies and acid reflux. I praise God that I am healed from depression and my daughter is doing extremely well and best of all, … Read More

Pastor Glenn – Australia

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Hi there from Canberra Australia I wanted to let you know we joined the 21 day fast this year and in the first two weeks of the fast we had 8 people saved, baptized in water and filled with the Holy Spirit. In all honesty, we didn’t have that many saved all of last year. We have also had a … Read More

Lauren – Georgia

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I just wanted to tell how God has moved in this fast for me! My first day off of the fast I was on the phone with my aunt, then my mother, and lastly my brother, and each of them told me of a problem in their life that they were having; each problem was something that I had been … Read More

Lakisha – North Carolina

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I went through a lot over the past few years, a divorce, lost everything including my home, but God told me He would restore. I literally lost everything, but my mind! He has done just that. One of the things I was seeking God for was my own home again. I came off the fast one weekend and on that … Read More


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I have been a Born Again, Spirit-filled, tithing Christian since 1979. Through the years I have fasted off and on. In 1996 I got married and my husband (he is saved as well), and I have seen “all of hell come against us”. We have endured sicknesses, surgeries, many financial setbacks, my husband has almost died several times, our house … Read More

Dorothy – Pennsylvania

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I read your book on fasting in December and felt compelled in my spirit to go on a 40 day fast (1 meal per day Daniel based fast). the final 5 days I did a total fast dedicating each day in prayer to each one of my 5 grown children. God so honored this that each one of them has … Read More

Perfectly Weak

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My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. —2 Corinthians 12:9 A retired player for the Atlanta Braves came up to give a testimony one Sunday. He had been in the major leagues for about 14 years when he retired. But he had been hooked on chewing tobacco for 23 years. He wanted to … Read More

Nelson – South Africa

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I’m currently unemployed and looking for a job, but something inside me told me to fast. And immediately, I remembered that I once bought your book ‘Fasting’, so I read through and on Monday I embarked on my 21 day fast. On my third day of the fast I received a call for an interview for a job. I am … Read More

True Grit

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God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble. —James 4:6 You’ve made it through your first fruits fast—taking time in the beginning of the year to seek His guidance and direction for your life. But are you ready to make fasting a part of your lifestyle? It is so easy to come up with reasons not to fast, … Read More

Persistence Breaks Resistance

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When the woman realized that she couldn’t remain hidden, she knelt trembling before him. In front of all the people, she blurted out her story—why she touched him and how at that same moment she was healed. —Luke 8:47 I believe persistence is how some of the miracles we read about in God’s word came about. Think about the story … Read More

Strengthen Your Stakes

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Enlarge the place of your tent, And let them stretch out the curtains of your dwellings; Do not spare; Lengthen your cords, And strengthen your stakes. —ISAIAH 54:2 I preached on the life and the prayer of Jabez one Sunday morning in 2003 at Free Chapel. We were still in our former building on McEver Road at the time. The … Read More

More Than Conquerors

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So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised. —Hebrews 10:35-36 The battle is not about what you’re facing. The battle is not with your family or marriage, a financial problem or an illness. The battle … Read More