The Greatest Love Story

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On Sunday mornings, I look out over a sea of faces. We have doctors and lawyers, teachers and professional athletes … and in the same rows, addicts, homeless and jobless. … Read More

A faith perspective

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“Life versus even more life! I can’t lose.” Php 1:21 TM Roman prisons were terrible places. Offenders were stripped, flogged, and placed in leg irons. Their blood-soaked clothing wasn’t changed … Read More

Be gentle

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“God blesses those who are [gentle].” Mt 5:5 NLT Jesus said, “God blesses those who are [gentle]…for they will inherit the whole earth.” We’d all be a lot better off … Read More

Be a Dreamer

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Your ability to dream comes from the very nature of God. I love that. Think about how much truth is in that simple statement. God, who created the very heavens … Read More

Don’t be cynical

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“If you love someone you will…always believe in him.” 1Co 13:7 TLB There are very few monuments erected to skeptics. That’s because instead of building people up, they tear them … Read More

Strengthen your marriage

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“Husbands…be considerate.”                                     1Pe 3:7 NIV “Wives…be…worthy of respect.”                              1Ti 3:11 NIV A couple celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary was asked the secret to their success. The husband replied, “The day … Read More

Never, never quit!

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“Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed.” Pr 16:3 NLT The moment you start believing you’re successful enough to rest on your laurels, you’re in trouble. … Read More